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The PR MaxiCourse is nothing short of life changing. The course and exposure to NIRISAB concepts has forever changed my treatment philosophy as a practitioner. I am forever indebted to Dr. Tatum and Dr. Pedroza for mentoring me and showing me oral implantology as it should be.
— Dr. Jennilee Nolan
There is no program out there aside from a full time surgical residency program that will challenge your ideas about surgery and treatment and completely change how you approach these like the PR MaxiCourse will. The amount that you will experience and learn here is immensurable and you will take back a philosophy of treatment that you will hold on to for your career.
— Dr. Adarsh Mehta
The PR MaxiCourse is the only implant course in the world with the mentorship of Dr. Tatum. The PR MaxiCourse is for implantologists desiring to become the best surgeons and restorative dentists in the world. The AAID offers the best educational resources worldwide of all the AAID MaxiCourses; the PR MaxiCourse is the next step towards full time implant residency.
— Dr. Andy Burton
Prior to attending this MaxiCourse , I planned to learn about how to place implants in complicated patients. I have learned more about not only implants but medications, treatment planning, bone and tissue healing, that I could have imagined. Most of all, I have seen the potential for treating patients that may have previously been considered unrestorable.
— Dr. Jennifer Fontaine
For anyone looking to take their Implant Dentistry to another dimension, this program is for you. You will learn a different non-mainstream way of doing Implant Dentistry. A way based on the fundamentals of surgery where you will learn how to properly handle bone and soft tissue. The PR MaxiCourse is an excellent growth opportunity, clinically and personally, to learn with Dr. Tatum and Dr. Pedroza.
— Dr. Peter Lotowski
Whether you have been placing implants for years or none, this program should be mandatory for Implant Dentists. These ten months comprehensive course focuses on the fundamentals all the way up to advanced techniques that will prepare you for treatment planning, performing, and post-operative management of NIRISAB related procedures.
— Dr. Bryan Villescas
The Puerto Rico MaxiCourse is a life changing opportunity and will open your mind in implant dentistry. You will gain a true ongoing mentorship in the process. The world is no longer flat.
— Dr. Stephen Kondorossy
Excellent course! The goal of this course is being able to restore our patients into a relationship that lasts for a lifetime.
— Dr. William Reardon
I just want to say, thank you, Dr. Tatum, Dr. Pedroza, Miriam and everyone for setting up an awesome program. These have been an incredible ten months experience. I have learned to help many patients because of this program.
— Dr. Ethan Truong
I cannot say enough about the Puerto Rico MaxiCourse and Clinical Residency in Implant Dentistry! There is nothing surgically that I do the same as a year ago. We treatment plan differently, we execute surgeries differently. We see solutions for patients now where before we only saw impossible situations. I have been to other MaxiCourses, they were great. But nothing like this. Unbelievable! Thanks, Dr. Tatum, Dr. Pedroza and Miriam!
— Dr. Henry Long
I had over 1000 hours of continuing education units in implant dentistry when I came here. There is absolutely no training like this in the world. It is eye opening and life changing. It is for tough people. In Puerto Rico you work hard, stay late, but don’t want to leave. Dr. Pedroza and Dr. Tatum truly mentor you and actually answer the phone when you call. This is a residency and I am forever in debt to Puerto Rico. Long live the program!
— Dr. Keith Long