Dear Colleague:

Thank you for your interest in the Puerto Rico AAID Maxicourse® Program and Clinical Residency in Implant Dentistry, the most aggressive, challenging, cutting edge, and enjoyable dental implant program in America and the Caribbean!

Participating in the Puerto Rico AAID Maxicourse® Program and Clinical Residency in Implant Dentistry will probably be one of your best investments in your dental career. During ten months you will be immersed in a unique academic and clinical experience that will forever change your professional approach to Implant Dentistry. It will assist you in creating your own success story as an Oral Implantologist.  You will learn the latest trends on medications, oral and intravenous sedation, surgical and restorative concepts, soft tissue and bone manipulation and the principles of NIRISAB. You will be exposed to hands-on applications and techniques on bone reconstruction (onlay bone grafting, bone expansion, interpositional segmental osteotomies) and nerve repositioning, among other procedures. And, as to make the experience as comprehensive as can be, you will learn interesting concepts on scientific research that will enable you to develop and write your own research project. You will definitely begin the exciting journey of developing an unparalleled mastery in Oral Implantology!

As one of the remarkable offerings of this program, you will be personally trained and mentored by Dr. Hilt Tatum, Jr., internationally considered one of the founders of modern dental implantology, as well as by myself, supported by a solid team of oral surgeons, restorative dentists, clinical investigators, pharmacologists and anesthesiologists.

If you are determined to give yourself the opportunity to dramatically increase your contribution to your patients’ oral health and enrich your expertise and your  performance on Implant Dentistry, you will be thrilled to engage in this paramount experience.

My commitment with you is to share my 22 year experience as an implant dentist and assist you in whatever will help you take the most advantage out of this course.

I look forward to meet you!

Sincerely yours,

José E. Pedroza, DMD, MSc


About our Sponsors and Co-Sponsors


The Advanced Dental Implant Institute

The mission of The Advanced Dental Implant Institute is to personally and comprehensively train Dentists to become proficient and highly skilled in the art and science of Oral Implantology. This goal is achieved by: intense hands-on surgical and prosthetic training, continual mentorship, and study and application of scientific research as it applies to Oral Implantology. The ADII delivers the Puerto Rico AAID Maxicourse® A Comprehensive Training Program on Oral Rehabilitation and Implant Dentistry, considered by many “the most aggressive implant dentistry program in North America”, and distinguished by its innovative, challenging and cutting edge nature.

Tatum Institute International

The mission of Tatum Institute International is to deliver a comprehensive clinical and didactic program in Implant Dentistry in order to meet and exceed the GDC requirements for training standards in Implant Dentistry for general dental practitioners. The course is recognized as a stepping stone onto the Diploma and the Master of Science in Implant Dentistry at the University of Warrick, and it is accredited for 360 hours of CPD. Also, it is co-sponsored by the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Implantlogy, Lille University Medical School. In addition to basic and advanced training in Implantology, there is an intensive surgical anatomy course held in Lille University Medical School and also training in sedation techniques and Intermediate Life Support (ILS).


The mission of the FILIUS Institute is to improve the quuality of life of Hispanic individuals with very special life conditions within communities in Puerto Rico, the United States and Latin America. This will be accomplished through research projects, faculty and student education, training of professionals, intramural practice, policy analysis, service system changes, and science based knowledge and technology transfer and community interventions towards better health, education, rehabilitation and community restrengthening.

American Academy of Implant Dentistry

Founded in 1951, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry is the oldest dental implant organization in the world. Its mission is to advance the practice of implant dentistry through education, credentialing, and advocacy on behalf of patients and practitioners. The AAID promotes both the individual and team approaches to implant dentistry.

Academy of General Dentistry

Since 1952, the Academy of General Dentistry’s purpose is to advance the value and excellence of general dentistry, to promote the oral health of the public, and to foster continued proficiency of general dentists through continual dental education. It has become the second largest dental association in the United States, achieving over 35,000 members.