What former participating doctors are saying about the Puerto Rico Maxicourse®!

What an amazing experience… Dr. Tatum and Dr. Pedroza have developed a program that facilitates implant learning in a unique environment. You don’t learn cookbook instructions that don’t help in the real world. You learn principles that make you think and react to the situation and treatment that is necessary to restore the patient to maximum oral health and stability.
— Dr. Jeffrey Buske

The best there is! Even exceeded my goals.
— Dr. Khaldoun Attar

The best learning experience of a lifetime. By far this course has been the most worthwhile investment of time and money of my dental career. I feel so fortunate to have both Dr. Hilt Tatum and Dr. Jose Pedroza as mentors for my dental journey.
— Dr. Debra Zombek

I can say that this 360 hour course effectively provides the skills and knowledge necessary in this multidisciplinary field of Dentistry. The Faculty’s intensive mentorship is a very important aspect of this Course. I recommend it very highly
— Rafael I. Aponte, DDS San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Institute is an oasis for knowledge, both didactic and hands-on. I really feel honored and humbled to be able to work directly with the world’s leading implantologist. You will learn how to be a more critical thinker and a more decisive surgeon. This is a Course for the practitioner who is striving for a higher level and enjoys getting there. One of the finest courses I have ever taken
— Kaz Zymantas, DDS Naperville, Ill.

The Puerto Rico MaxiCourse with Dr. Tatum and Dr. Pedroza is an excellent experience that I highly recommend. It has expanded my surgical skills and improved my ability to treat complex situations. The course is distinguished by the practical surgical orientation. Participants see many different surgical procedures and management of complications. Thanks to the course I feel comfortable doing bone grafting procedures and posterior mandibular bone manipulation in my office that I had not done before. I appreciate the camaraderie with all involved in the course.
— Dr. Greg Cyra, Wisconsin

Excellent! This course is a rare opportunity to have Dr. Jose Pedroza interact with Dr. Hilt Tatum, who are leaders in the world of implant dentistry. The course is structured to enhance understanding and utilization of IV Sedation for the ultimate benefit of your patients.
— Dr. Keith Kanter

Best implant course! It opened my eyes to see what is possible. It raised my level of understanding; met friends for a lifetime. Exceeded (my goals). I came here to learn and I did not expect the challenge to my core. Loved all of it, including the hard times. Absolutely best in the world!
— Dr. Glenn Sperbeck

— Dr. Nahel Yanni

On a scale of 1-10, a 17! I thought that I had a solid implant foundation having taken a comprehensive Maxicourse® in the United States. Early into the ADII continuum I learned how little I know about soft and hard tissue management, regeneration and restorative health, esthetics and longevity.
— Dr. Stephen Sevenich

This Course for myself as an intermediate level implantologist gives me ‘pearls by the minute’ and a paradigm shift in my clinical application immediately. The discussion of treatment planning gives you a vast jump in utilizing the traditional and advanced concepts that Dr. Tatum provides in his treatment armamentarium
— J. Thomas Carroll, DDS League City, Texas

Personal mentorship, guidance, and repeated hands-on clinical experiences are essential to the cultivation of an outstanding Oral Implantologist. Dr. Hilt Tatum and Dr. José Pedroza have put together an extraordinary program which is the embodiment of these training principles. Simply put, this is the ultimate learning experience for those seeking to achieve the highest levels of skill and competency in Implant Dentistry
— Christopher H. Hughes, DDS Herrin, Ill