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Course Objective:

The mission of this course is to provide a comprehensive didactic and clinical curriculum leading to a full understanding of NIRISAB. (Natural Implants Restored in Stable Alveolar Bone).


Sessions will include:

An applied head and neck anatomy dissection related to Implant Dentistry

Training in oral and intravenous sedation techniques

A staff training session to prepare each dental practice for the expanded duties involved in Implant Dentistry

An intensive learning experience with repetitive training concepts similar to a hospital training program.

Lectures, Laboratory exercises, surgical demonstrations and supervised hands-on surgical sessions used to develop skills for each procedure.

Closed circuit T.V. coverage of live procedures relayed into the main lecture room to enable all participants to observe surgical sessions close-up.

Opportunity to bring your own patients and perform surgical procedures under the mentor's close supervision.

The opportunity to gain the prestigious AGD and AAID Bona Fide Fellowship Credentials.



Implant Dentistry training is available from a variety of sources including Universities or courses run by individuals or implant companies. Most implant courses lack supervised clinical training and include a limited amount of supervised mentor/student contact. However, in this course you will be trained and mentored by one of the founders of modern dental implantology (Dr. Hilt Tatum) supported by a strong team of oral surgeons and restorative dentists, including Dr. José E. Pedroza.


Mission Statement


The mission of The Advanced Dental Implant Institute is to personally and comprehensively train Dentists to become proficient and highly skilled in the art and science of Oral Implantology.

This goal is achieved by intense hands on surgical and prosthetic training, continual mentorship, and the study and application of scientific research as it applies to Oral Implantology.